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Societās hosts International Virtual Workshop

A virtual workshop was held across 18 time zones on how different jurisdictions protect the right to freedom of association.

A virtual symposium, “Mapping the Legal Landscape of Freedom of Association”, was hosted on Friday 31st March 2023 by the Societās project, with participants tuning in from all around the world and across 18 different time zones.

The workshop explored the basic nature of how freedom of association is protected, focussing on questions like where the right is protected, its philosophical and historical context, the evolution of its interpretation, the types of associations it protects, the content of the right, any limits that have been articulated, and the types of disputes that arise.

Featured presentations included those by experts from Japan, Australia, China, India, Ethiopia, Kenya, South Africa, Poland, Finland, Italy, France, Spain, Canada, the United States, Mexico, as well as experts on the Inter-American System of Human Rights and the United Nations human rights protections.

This workshop will be followed by a hybrid workshop in June 2023 which will explore the purpose and potential of freedom of association in comparative perspective. The purpose of these events is to build collaboration among a network of scholars who are working on freedom of association around the world.

These events will lead to an edited comparative study of the right to freedom of association in legal systems around the world.


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