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Zita's Reflections on Involvement in Charities

What is the best thing about being involved?

I have always been passionate about meeting new people and learning about other cultures and traditions. Thanks to the international nature of my university studies, I got to travel to and live in various countries. I soon learned that one of the easiest, most convenient and most beneficial ways to make new friends, learn about local culture and to practice and improve a foreign language was through joining a voluntary group.

What is the biggest challenge?

It is in my nature to join a number of voluntary groups at the same time and get involved simultaneously in multiple initiatives, projects and activities. This can, and has proven to be challenging due to the time commitment required and possibly expected by other members of the voluntary groups.

Even though this was not my personal experience, I can also imagine that I would struggle to stay part of a group where there was a friction among the group members or where various members had conflicting values, goals or expectations for the group's future.

What is the legacy in your life?

I can confidently say that every single group I have engaged with has helped to broaden my horizons and shape my personality. I have become more open-minded, understanding and compassionate of others, but also more sure of myself and my ability to make a difference in my community. Being part of various interest groups has also organically expanded my knowledge and triggered passion for life-long learning and multicultural dialogue.


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