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Garry's Reflections on Involvement in a Sports Club

What was the best thing about being involved?

I had the freedom to engage with others as much, or as little, as I wanted because athletics is at essence an individual sport. This meant that, perhaps unlike other organisations, we came together more as individual athletes in the common goal of training for ourselves, rather than for some bigger shared goal or purpose. But through helping each other, we helped ourselves.

What was the biggest challenge?

The people who I trained with, and was closest to in a small group setting, were also my biggest competitors. I think, again, that this is unique to the type of sport that athletics is and generates its own complexities.

What is the legacy in your life?

It taught me that individuals cannot achieve something fully without the support of a team. Equally, it demonstrated to me that accountability, although checked by others, begins and ends with yourself.


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