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Gerard's Reflections on Involvement in a Drama Club

What is the best thing about being involved?

The best thing is the chance to work alongside a diverse and varied group of people, of different ages, backgrounds, and personal histories, and with a range of life experiences, attitudes, and political views different to my own. It’s very rewarding to be in such a vibrant mix of people who come together as a group with a shared interest to accomplish something big together.

What is the biggest challenge?

On one side, the diversity of the group is a huge plus. On the other side, the variety of opinions and characters, as well as varying levels of commitment to the group, leads to personality clashes amongst members, and sometimes to conflict and lack of trust.

Although we all share one common interest in drama as the starting-point, you also have to add in a lot of commitment, cooperation and compromise to make it work.

What is the legacy in your life?

Being involved has expanded the range of my friendships, and reaffirmed to me the value of working within a truly diverse and varied team. We are able to challenge each other’s views, and share skills and insights that help us in our journey towards preparing a production. I think I have a better understanding of people and teams because of this experience.

In a way, also, being involved in something enjoyable and challenging like this is a kind of “reset button” for the other parts of life, and you go back home and into work with new energy and perspectives.


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