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Donal's Reflections on Involvement in a Residents' Association

What is the best thing about being involved?

One of the best things about the work we do is when people compliment how well the estate looks. It’s also great to see everyone turn out to help with the clean-ups – especially newer residents. It’s not just important that we work together to keep the place clean, it’s also important that the neighbours know each other. When everyone does what they can to keep our estate looking well, it cultivates a sense of community and respect for our shared space.

What is the biggest challenge?

It can take a long time to get things done, particularly when we need to follow-up with the local council for further support. Additionally, trying to agree amongst ourselves to do things in order to improve the appearance of the estate takes time.

Some people also think it’s the committee’s job to do all of the work. It can be difficult to get newer residents and those renting to join the committee, perhaps due to the fact that many of the existing committee members are long-time residents, and have been on the committee for years. Although it’s fantastic to see newer residents get involved in clean-ups, it would be great to see some fresh faces on the committee.

What is the legacy?

Our gardening efforts really make a difference, and it’s great to be able to look at the greenery and flower-tubs as they change with the seasons. Beyond this, the residents’ association really adds to the sense of community of our estate.

It’s great to know the people who live around you, and to be able to talk to your neighbours about work, news, family, politics, and just generally share the ups and downs of life. We get to see the young people in our neighbourhood grow up, and there is a great comfort in knowing that those around us care for our area in their own way, and enjoy living here.


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