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Societās Project wins Research Collaboration of the Year Award

Professor Maria Cahill received the 2023 Research Award for Research Collaboration

The Societās project was honoured at the UCC Research Awards on 29th May 2024 with the award of Research Collaboration of the Year, for the international network of legal experts from 24 jurisdictions which the project has created, as well as the interdisciplinary collaboration it fosters between philosophy and law.

The network of international scholars includes experts on the following jurisdictions, who have participated in ground-breaking workshops hosted by the project, contributed working papers, prepared publications for a (bumper!) double special issue of the European Journal of Comparative Law and Governance as well as a blog symposium for the International Associational of Constitutional Law IACL-AIDC Blog and will showcase their work in a special panel of the International Society of Constitutional Law annual conference in Madrid 2024.

This network included the following 24 jurisdictions at the time of the award nomination, a number that continues to rise as the network expands:

The interdisciplinary work of the project has involved gathering experts in philosophy to explore the nature of associational experience and the concept of sociality, to build understanding across the disciplines about these fundamental concepts.

The Societās Project and Maria would like to thank all those who have joined this network of scholars for their belief in the project, their diligent research to bring to light how freedom of association is protected, and their generous cooperation as a team!


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